Her Legacy

Founder of the Jill Lowe International Group and image industry pioneer, Jill Lowe began her journey in 1985 when she incorporated the company Colorays Beauty Image Consultants with the focus of inspiring men and women through transforming their dynamic image and personal brand.This is how a leader’s presence is cultivated as his or her substance is conveyed through not only an effective communication style but also in how one shows up in the world. These tools can enhance a person’s success rate while also helping them achieve their career and life goals with trust and confidence.As a pioneer in talent transformation in the Asian region, Jill sought to reprioritize an employment market that was accessing competency when leadership and influencing skills are the markers of true success. Jill tapped into this otherwise ignored market and in 1991 she launched a host of leadership grooming and personal branding courses that would revolutionize image consulting and training programs as the region knew them.The following years saw the Jill Lowe skincare and cosmetics range hit the stands and has since become a household name synonymous with quality.As one of Singapore’s most sought-after life and career mastery trainers, Jill has hosted and spoken at events across Asia and transformed the mindsets and beliefs of men and women who are now at the higher echelons of society. Invited by leading universities, government organizations and MNCs, the coaching programs available through Jill Lowe International are geared towards a diverse audience including top managers, senior executives and entrepreneurs. Having secured the American platinum and gold awards for her outstanding contributions to the image industry several years in a row, Jill remains the driving force behind the successes of top business leaders and game-changers in every field.Today, with her extensive experience in the image industry, Jill Lowe provides professional guidance and training for aspiring young image consultants to venture into the industry.

I really want to thank Jill for her time and her efforts to help us – those of us who weren't confident before, to becoming successful career women right now. Thank you not only for the external change, but internally, with our personality. People see the changes in me, and they will ask me, "What happened, you seem so different?", I will tell them, "Go to Jill!

Elise (Agency Manager)

I will never want to miss any class by Jill, because you always learn different things from every class. I really appreciate her guidance for so many years, it's very valuable, now I'm able to share what I've learnt to help my husband and my daughter with their wardrobe and fashion choices!

Emily (Homemaker)

Jill is really really very helpful, she wants to teach us everything. She is very willing to share and to help. We are not just friends anymore, she is a family friend. She is very professional, I learnt a lot from her. Thanks to her I'm more confident, I'm no longer scared that people will say, "why is your image so poor!" No one will say that now.

Gladys (Financial Planner)

If you want to change your life, you must meet up with Jill! When you come and see her for yourself, you will know. Thank you Jill, I will keep supporting and promoting you. Thanks to you, I had very good improvements in my relationship with my husband and my family, and gave me more self-confidence.

Amanda (Retail Manager)

Jill Lowe is the best! She's a wonderful person and a wonderful teacher, so full of knowledge and so humble at the same time. I feel much better equipped

Thi Truc Linh

I attended the free Masterclass workshop. It was very helpful for me. I highly recommend who seeks success in their careers and business. Thank you Jill.

Edmond Goh


Signature Colour Transformation

Change how others perceive you by using your appearance to your advantage and connect with others by using psychologically proven techniques.

Glow Up Your Worth

Understand how the use of accessories, jewellery, shoes, bags, belts and wrist watches communicate your worth and success level and learn how to send the right messages.

Voice Optimization

Comprehend how to use the power of your voice and different modulations to maximum effect.

Etiquette and Entertainment

Build strong personal and professional bonds whether you are the host or the guest by learning time- honoured western and Asian cultural norms in entertaining and engaging in formal events.

Signature Style Makeover

Learn how to dress for success and impress others at every turn with our comprehensive personal brand makeover guide.

Behavioural Transformation

Get what you want every second of the day by understanding the subtle, non-verbal cues others give with their expressions and gestures.

Communication Style Transformation

Converse, convince and connect like a pro by learning effective speaking styles and manners that will give you an edge over your colleagues and competitors.

Career Advancement Make-Up that Works Wonders

Understand what your natural gifts and talents are and learn how to seek out opportunities that require your special skills.

Greatest Hits

Her work has won the outstanding American Express Gold Awards in retail service excellence and several prestigious Platinum Awards by Color Me Beautiful, the American Authority on Colours, Style and Image for several years.She is the publisher of a luxury fashion and lifestyle magazine and an author of two very well-received books for teens called “Dressing Smart for Boys“ and “Dressing Smart for Girls“.She was the founding president of The American AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) Asian Chapter in the 1990s’, she has brought the image industry in Asia progressively to new heights.She has created and patented the Jill Lowe Brand Logo for a range of consumer lifestyle products and several image training and development programs.Her contributions have been recognised by The Straits Times, The Wall Street Journal Channel News Asia, CNBC, Razor TV as well as many other print and broadcast media.

Jill Lowe, At a Glance

• Master Image Consultants trainer for both the USA and UK
• Only Platinum Award Winner in Asia for best-performing Image Consultants across the local and international market
• Platinum and Gold award winner by largest image company in the USA and American Express
• Trainer for key and aspiring leaders in major universities across Asia
• Proven 90% and above track record in delivering top quality training in Asia
• An entrepreneur who understands the REAL needs of business demand beyond BEAUTY
• Pioneering Founder of Image Transformation Industry in Asia
• Most comprehensive Total training facilities and tools in for men and women
• Complete grooming solutions in skin care, makeup tools and techniques for women
• Entrepreneur / Cosmetologist / Public Speaker / Make Up Artist / Author / Publisher


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