Jill Lowe Pop-Up @ Design Orchard

Complimentary Skin Care Workshop Pre-Registration

DOOR GIFT for every workshop participant!

Pigment free skin in Hot, Humid, Sunny Singapore, is that even possible?
At this workshop, Jill Lowe shares on ways to treat and restore pigmented skin.
And if pigmentation isn’t an issue for you, you might just want to hop over, as Jill will also touch on Pigmentation Prevention.
As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” better safe than sorry, come pick up some tips in keeping your skin delicate and soft, free from blemish and pigments.

Aging can be a beautiful process. It starts while many wouldn’t even fuss over skin care.
Is it too late? Is there any time too early to start on Anti-aging solutions?
Find out first hand from the creator, Jill Lowe herself, as she shares her own journey in keeping with age gracefully and definitely beautifully!

Is beauty truly skin deep? We beg to differ.
Exuding Beauty isn’t just something on the surface of our skin, but it begins with what’s truly within. You are what you eat, do and think.
Combating Acne goes way beyond a cream or solution application, combating acne requires a holistic approach and Jill Lowe shares her years of understanding in how we can truly soothe out those bumps and edges.


Keep your skin healthy and beautiful with our nature-inspired skincare and make-up products.

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