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Signature Talent Transformation

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Full course (10 modules)

Does your hard work fail to get you the satisfaction you want?

What does it take to keep your job and maintain harmonic family dynamics to progress ahead?


Start to rebrand yourself to enjoy the real significant result that is worthwhile chasing after!

These 10 proven successful Talent Transformational Mastery sessions will give you the result you have been looking for!
Witness the result that is well worth it!



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Signature Colour Transformation

Discover the significant impact of colours on your personal lifestyle and how your dressing colour theme influence decision-makers to help you in your career advancement and relationships engagement. Get yourself a personal brand identity by using your unique natural colour palette to profoundly make a difference in the competitive market.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Look professionally stunning by wearing the colours that bring you positive returns.
  2. Save time, effort and cost to enjoy the true beauty of what you really are.
  3. Know exactly what to buy and bring out the best in you for your career advancement and personal breakthrough.

Duration: 4 Hours




Signature Style Transformation

Acquire the dressing knowledge and practice the trendy expectation to dress in style. Dress to profile yourself as an industry expert to get your deserved recognition at the workplace. Learn how professionals use the dressing line, scale and proportion to texture, weaves and pattern to gain favor at the social networks to upgrade their net worth.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Choose the relevant clothes that make you look the way you always wish to be.
  2. Be surprisingly outstanding to receive compliments unexpectedly.
  3. Understand fully the techniques and the styles to highlight your beautiful silhouette that others love to see

Duration: 4 Hours




Accessorizing Up your Talent

Accessories can distinctively amplify and simplify your dressing value proposition. Know how each ornament adorns you with value-added identity to successfully connect to your customers with ease. Learn the effective illusion dressing mastery to present yourself confidently and convincingly at business and social events.

After the course, you will be able to:

  1. Choose the appropriate accessories to bring out your unique quality and be professionally relevant.
  2. Know how to value-add to your dressing and be confidently attractive.
  3. Look updated and current with simple steps to be simply stunning.

Duration: 4 Hours




Behavioral Transformation

Awaken your observation ability to visually discover how people communicate silently through their body movements. Experience the way leaders maneuver by using expressions and gestures to send related signals to get positive results confidently. How you carry yourself to integrate and relate to others has a cost and profit balance. Learning to read and be read by others sets you apart to be confidently outstanding in any exchange.

After the course, you will be able to:

  1. Confidently understand yourself as well as others and be matured to mutually optimize from each encounter every time.
  2. Manage unspoken signals to meet diverse statuses communicators and confidently leave a lasting and worthwhile impact.
  3. Know exactly how and when to make each move to build trust and be likable in your cross path with others.

Duration: 4 Hours



Optimizing from the Power of Voice

Be intrigued by your potential to communicate effectively through vocal diversity application. Reap the amazing benefits of positive relationship building through your acoustic harmony and discover the magic of your voice that makes you confidently enjoy every encounter with people of all ages. Learn the effects of vocal diversity that lead to disagreement or be equipped with your personal vocal empowerment to enthrall others to achieve your goals effortlessly.

After the course, you will be able to:

  1. Awaken by the fascinating capability of your vocal delivery that changes people’s decisions for the better.
  2. Discover the new ways of resolving matters happily to get the results you always want and convert disagreement to an agreement with flourishing results!
  3. Truly enjoy communication that bonds people to accomplish the worthwhile task with ease.

Duration: 4 Hours



Speaking Styles that Get the Result You Want

Build your conversational capabilities to overcome differences and achieve optimal outcomes in your interactions with others. In the digitized and globalized economy, you have to communicate across diverse cultures, statuses and competencies seamlessly. Understanding the Western approach to assertiveness and the intricate Oriental way of expression becomes an exciting platform for forge lasting relationships. Learn the techniques to listen beyond verbal content and connect positively for mutual benefits that are worth exploring!

After the course, you will be able to:

  1. Know how to argue and win every time.
  2. Acquire the discernment to converse appropriately to convince people to relate positively with you.
  3. Speak intelligently that is consistently welcoming and congruent to the relative party.

Duration: 4 Hours



Entertaining Etiquette that Bonds Relationship

The digitized innovative market has brought inter-cultural diversity interactions moving across the globe. Having a fine understanding of entertaining etiquette across diverse statuses, languages and cultures is absolutely an added advantage to connect to people successfully. Practice the step-by-step Western and Oriental cultural entertaining implications and the entertaining complexities that are worth understanding to reap amazing returns.

After the course, you will be able to:

  1. Know the basic entertainment skills used by the market players to make a big difference in relationship building.
  2. Master every move that is crucial to elated to the guests or the host over the western and the oriental entertaining culture.
  3. Practice each step of dining expectations that will lead to a positive return.

Duration: 4 Hours



Career Advancement Make-Up that Works Wonders

How relevant and appropriate make-up can position a leader to gain respect and recognition in public places is vital. Learn the step-by-step application techniques in the art of make-up to establish a flawless complexion. Acquire the knowledge of the psychological implications for each make-up theme for the desired look.

After the course, you will be able to:

  1. Master the steps of personal make-up to look professionally outstanding at work of at the social events.
  2. Always achieve the make-up look you want for your career advancement.
  3. Enjoy the amazing results of your simple make-up that leads to amazing returns!

Duration: 4 Hours




Effective Skincare Techniques and Lifestyle Slimming

Are you ready to have a slim body? And also have flawless skin – smooth, spotless and blemish free? Yes, you can truly be youthful again! Learn about the Nobel Prize winning cellular renewal treatment with special enzyme autophagy formulation that can work wonders for you. No special equipment, no lasers, no radiotherapy, no evasive and abrasive chemicals, but just pure natural anti-oxygen treatment with E-Pigment C-Miracle and Glutathione. Be naturally beautiful again with Jill Lowe.







One-to-One Private and Personal Consultation

This is an extraordinary one-to-one coaching between you and your experienced trainer, after you have completed your TT Course. The session is completely private and confidential and will involve a further in-depth profiling of your personality, strengths and weaknesses, to help you add more scope in creating the new you with everything anew, and drive you deeper towards optimum returns in all you do, and achieve greater success, joy & harmony for people around you too!

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17 reviews for Signature Talent Transformation

  1. Wynn Neo

    My husband and I had signed up SIGNATURE TALENT TRANSFORMATION course. Total got 8 modules.
    We highly recommended Jill Lowe’s course to anyone who is seeking for life transformation.
    Jill Lowe is a great mentor and her class is always fun & interesting.
    We discovered the significant impact of colours on our personal lifestyle and how our dressing colour theme influence decision-makers on our career advancement and relationships engagement.
    We had learned dining etiquette. Having a fine understanding of entertaining etiquette across diverse status, languages and cultures is absolutely an added advantage to connect to people successfully.
    Our favourite course is verbal and vocal course. It Build our conversational capabilities to overcome differences and achieve optimistic outcomes in our interactions with others.
    A strong personal brand identity is a value added for our business.
    Highly recommended!

  2. Darren Ku

    I joined the Talent Transformation programme with Jill after she consulted me on constructing my wardrobe of clothes earlier this year. I joined with the intention to learn more about amplifying my charisma and leadership beyond just clothes and dressing. And this course far exceed my expectation in many aspects.

    Charisma and Leadership requires a few critical ingredients such as vocal projection, verbal selection of words in conversations, etiquette at critical events such as a business meeting/function, choice of colours, accessories, behavioral traits (walking style, posture, eyes, arms, etc) and even the glow of your facial skin. All these makes a great deal of difference to my ability to convince, persuade, lead and influence decisions and a variety of other context in business and in personal life.

    What I really like is how Jill will keep emphasize to us is that what she taught us is very power, use it but dont abuse. I love the technical knowledge/applications as well as the morals she carried over to the programme. I have learnt a lot and even though I have graduated, the energy and knowledge of Jill continue to be imprinted in my mind and soul.

    I highly recommend anyone who wants to make a change to their lives, be it for work, business, social or personal, put your trust in Jill to help you transform.


    Darren Ku

  3. Jasmine

    Very practical way of coaching and giving real life examples and experiences. It was fun class and learnt a lot from each other.


    My friend Jasmine recommended me to this programme and I am glad that I took the leap of faith . Jill is very energetic and forthcoming in her sharing with her many years of experience. I highly recommend anyone to who wants to change their lives for , their loved ones and to make this place a better world

  5. Elita. T

    The course has boosted my presence, confidence and joy multifold! Highly recommend to anyone seeking to fulfil their highest potential in whichever field they are in.

  6. Ming Jie Lim

    It has been an amazing course on transformation , it changed my wardrobe and helped me get better understanding on colors and style that commands the desired outcome and to achieve success.
    The trainer is very knowledgeable and deliver the course in very fun and engaging way.

  7. Patricia Yeo

    I am so thankful that our paths crossed. Jill is like the beacon of light for the ships in the sea – to spread the message of peace, love for one another, and also hope.

    Jill not only inspire women to do better, but you also empower them so that they could fish for live.

    Sometimes in life, we meet people who are meant to help better ourselves and guide us a long the way. Jill has taken extraordinary measures to make sure the women whom she met or meet with, would do something with their life positively. She is so selfless and caring. I’ve never met someone that cares so much for others. Jill is the wittiest person I’ve ever met, with the biggest heart.

  8. Angeline

    Am very grateful and much appreciated for all that Jill has done for me especially her valuable advice. The course has exceeded my expectations as I’ve learned more about myself. Thank you, Jill!

  9. Peiwen (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I took up the course. It is an eye opener. Widens up my knowledge, especially on communication skills. It is unlike those I have learnt previously, and it is very useful. The course is fun and interactive. Recommended!

  10. Amanda

    A very enjoyable and refereshing approach courses.Exceeded expectations. I found the course to be interesting and beneficial. Thank you Jill.

  11. Clarissa Neo

    It has been an extraordinary journey going through the transfomation with Jill Lowe. It has improved my life and the teachings are practical and easy to apply. Highly recommended for anyone looking for success in life.

  12. Anny

    An excellent course for personal transformation!
    Jill is a very patient and fun coach. I always enjoyed her practical life examples that she shared in classes, many of these nuggets of life cannot be found in any other coaching books.
    Every time I come back for refresher sessions, I learned new insights.
    Definitely putting into good practices with all these wonderful teachings learned in this course.

  13. Anrina

    I got to know Coach Jill as my late principal friend to Coach. Her charisma has always aspire me to be like her. I even drew her on my notes taken from classes during my secondary school days!

    I’ve finally ceased the chance to attend Coach’s class on 29 Apr 2021. She is a highly intelligent and influential Coach with a very real personality.

    She teaches what I NEED to know, not what is in the books only. Her dedication to guiding students makes her classes priceless.

    It’d be impossible to share what I’ve gained and am still gleaning. This wealth of wisdom has given me confidence in facing myself, accepting who I am and who I could become.

    What Coach teaches is more than the topics; this course has also given me friends and support in countless ways.

    The impact of this course on your life is not only what are listed in your topics, but also a sharp and brilliant mind who point out to you what you TRULY NEED to hear and could learn.

    As long as you are willing, #lifeChanging.

  14. Tracey Tyan

    Though much awaited, it pleases me to pen this.

    Where do I begin to describe the impact this course would have on my life?

    This transformation Jill & her team has worked in me and many others, if I could put in words, is to show us what our original portion was; be it colours we wear, styles we carry or even the way we project our presence to others – these quintessential nuances speak for us even before we utter our words!

    It has been a little over a year since graduating and I am still reaping benefits from what I’d gleaned from in Jill’s course. In using all the learning points Jill has imparted, I have gone on to take on a regional role with an American listed company and I’d credit this to the colours she has advised me to don which, were my best colours where this effect transcended the virtual interviews held. Weaving in the speaking style tips, have enabled me to be even more effectual in the way I communicate my thoughts that were and that continue to be well-received by many others on both the professional and personal front.

    Had it not been for this transformation course, I would not be the much happier person I am, who is today, unapologetic about letting this little light of hers shine bright.

    I would highly recommend anyone who wants an effectual turnaround to go through this course and thereafter, just behold the wonderful transformation that is to come your way!

    – Tracey Tyan

  15. SALLIE L.

    I signed up for the Jill Lowe’s Talent Transformation Mastery course immediately after I have attended her 4 hours free training session in May 2022. I was very curious during the 4 hours talk…like …..”HOW will Jill transform me and WHAT do I get from here”…with this curiosity in me, I signed up the 10 modules course immediately after the talk.
    These 10 modules included 1 to 1 consultation with Jill Lowe. You will never regret going for this course. …this I can for sure say based on my own personal experience after completed the 10 modules and my interactions with Jill and her talented team.
    This course has totally transformed me in many aspects. Firstly, being more confident of myself when I interact with the senior management and the way I speak (has changed too). All these you will learn from the Vocal, Visual and Verbal modules. And, not to mention the other modules too which are equally important such as Color, Style, Accessories, Makeup, Skincare and Dining. All these modules that you learn will complete you as a whole…….you will be totally transformed.
    You will be so surprised like how the color, makeup and style can change you. I have never put on makeup, but after attended Jill’s course, I have changed. 😊 Is the technique that Jill taught!! Jill not only imparts her knowledge with her over 38 years of experience in this field, but her life journey too which we learn along the way. Such awakening I must say.
    Jill Lowe is a great coach and mentor. You will connect to her very fast as she’s very friendly, down to earth, cheerful, kind, caring, sincere and most of her pleasant personality shines. Jill will help you in any ways you need without being calculative, as long as you are happy.
    I have subsequently signed up for her other courses in WSQ. I highly recommend this course if you want to transform yourself for the better, be it professionally or for your own personal development. Lastly, I am grateful to have met Jill and I believe fate brought us together. Thank you, Jill Laozi. 😊

  16. Wong Choun Pei

    Dear all, I would be more than honoured and happy to share my personal experience with Jill laoshi.

    Initially, I only purchased a single class instead of the entire suite of classes in the entire course because of financial concerns. However, after understanding how her teachings can benefit me in my personal and professional life, and after doing some deep soul searching and reflection on my part, I told myself “我即使是倾家荡产都要把Jill老师的课给上完。” Literally, this means that I will finish the entire course even if I were to lose my family fortune. Figuratively, it means that I will do whatever it takes to purchase and finish the entire course. Of course, the returns from Jill laoshi’s course will be multiple multiple times that of my investment.

    Jill laoshi’s teachings are not just about looking pretty or looking good superficially. It extends much deeper and broader than that. It is about my entire mentality, self-love, self-perception, deep understanding about the human psyche and human character, as well as deep love for people and for serving people. Jill老师教的不只是衣着打扮,而是教你看清人性,了解人生。

    You can only understand what I am talking about if you personally undergo her training. Her wisdom and insights about people and about life will benefit you for life. 大家,向 Jill 老师学习一下人生的智慧吧。

  17. Rachel Lau

    My path with Jill 老师 crossed through a corporate event and it was everything I needed to hear. Thereafter I joined the course and it was more, much more than what I thought it would be. Sometimes I wish I have met Jill earlier!

    Initially I often questioned the need for a transformation, and whether it was necessary despite having some progress in life. However Jill was able to present me with a different perspective and allowed me to understand the importance of being a lady. Furthermore, Jill is very knowledgeable and down to earth which makes the learning fun and uplifting! What I really valued were the personalised insights to my life as well as the collective small group cross learning. I used to be someone who goes through life rather blindly, but now I see life with a completely new lens. & I love it

    This is one of the better course I’ve been to. Thoroughly enjoyed being in her class and appreciate the team – kaysone, febi and the others for loving us enough to be on this journey to see us grow to be the best version of ourselves. For all the heart work and hard work, thank you!

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