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Introduction to Talent Transformation


Reserve a seat to attend our fast-track, comprehensive, 3 day program which takes transforming your personal style, conversation skills and professional confidence to the next level.

  • Course Duration: 1 day (8 hours)
  • Course Fee: $280 per course
  • Group Size: Up to 12 pax
  • Mode of Training: Training room
  • Trainer: Jill Lowe
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ITTE Communication Effects

Voice, Speaking Styles, Body Language, Conflict Management, Understanding People Customers Types

Discover how you can build on your present unique communication style, learn to understand and connect deeply with all sorts of people, and then begin to cultivate stable, meaningful and lasting relationships with them; this effective communication course will help you create joy and harmony every time as you suddenly become an expert in resolving conflicts and disagreements everywhere, from your home to your workplace.

Course Outline

  • Discover what your present communication style says about you.
  • Build your vocal and visual skills with ease to say what you can do.
  • Learn about people types and what healthy relationship bonding is all about.
  • Know what to say and when to say it, with amazing and lovely results.
  • Understand the pitfalls in negotiations and how to apply proven techniques for conflict resolutions.


ITTI Image Mastery

Image Management, Wardrobe Analysis on Color Style & Accessories, Etiquette requisites, Western Dining and Entertainment, Image for Career Advancement

You may have all the technical and interpersonal competencies but it’s really how you upsell your image assets to others that will often give you an edge and open up the unending opportunities for your social and career advancement; this course will show you how to positively influence people within and beyond your circle, simply by the way you dress, move and engage them with style, poise and grace.

Course Outline

  • Realize the importance of image building and how to create outstanding value in your own personal brand.
  • Know how to dress appropriately for every occasion with optimal & stunning results simply by combining the correct dress colors to dress styles, and topped up with simple, relevant and matching accessories.
  • Drop your status by understanding the basic Eastern and Western etiquette rules or learn to become a master in entertaining others, putting them at ease always in all kinds of formal and informal settings.


ITTA Magical Women’s Actions

Makeup Magic, Skin Care Secrets, Corporate Hygiene Compliance, Hairstyling Synergy, Personal Excellence

Enhance your unique face look and become attractive again, simply by understanding your hairstyle, your skin, your makeup and the overall combined magical actions you can easily apply with confidence; with unspoken words, you will radiate trust, warmth and love in your eyes; so start getting people to look at you differently – a woman of excellence and beauty.

Course Outline

  • Understand the importance of hygiene and nutrition for your overall well-being and health.
  • Learn the relevant magical actions for your hair, skin and face and begin to build self-confidence.
  • Experience a real visible change before your eyes and start treasuring your potential worth.
  • Discover how you can exceed every customer’s expectations with your new personal look.


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