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If your face is a canvas, then contouring are the strokes that define your true beauty. While all of us understand the value of a skin tone matching foundation, few comprehend the real value of a base that also contours. Contouring is not just a fancy term used by makeup artists and celebrities but actually the way in which foundation can be used to highlight the features of your face.

Every face can be divided into 6 zones and a flawless look depends on how these areas of the face are defined using makeup. Start with the temple, contouring can give your face an oval appearance while the nose and surrounding area are equally important as you can change how narrow or wide your nose appears with contouring.

The cheekbones are often considered the most important facet of your face as contouring this area can give your face a slimmer and more youthful appearance just with a few strokes. Other areas that can be corrected using contouring foundation include the jawline and the eye creases, as creating depth in the eyes and making your jawline appear sharper can help distinguish your features more.

The aim is to make your face appear textured and give the effect of an even skin tone, without seeming featureless. Blending is an essential part of a good contour application as no one wants to see the defined areas of your face separately. This is why blending and smoothening the foundation after the application is super important.

Ultimately, the goal of contouring is to give depth and dimensions to your face that can highlight your attributes and conceal any problem areas. Your face will automatically appear slimmer and textured as opposed to a flat appearance that’s the result of using an ordinary foundation. Applying eye shadow, blush and finally, lip liner and lipstick on top of a contoured face is a totally difference experience to adding on these elements to a dull skin surface. The benefits of a contouring foundation are not only visible to those who see you out and about, but also when captured on camera. The angles and shapes of your contoured face will catch the light at the desired points and cast no shadows to create a glow from within.

To put it simply, contouring highlights your face structure and helps you stand out without covering up your best features.

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